Matt Van  Brink, composer, pianist, accordionist

Look Before You Eat (2009)

a musical for young performers | 30 mins.
Book by Claire Simard
Music and Lyrics by Matt Van Brink
First performed by Concordia Conservatory Musical Theater Workshop
16 July 2009, Sommer Center, Bronxville, NY

"Bobby No Dairy"

"The Old Switcheroo"

"All Work, No Play"

"My Cheese Sandwich"

"That's the End of the Show!"


An overscheduled, overworked, picky-eating family learns a little bit about having fun and trying new things. They don't discover this on their own, though. A mischievous Fairy and Goblin switch the family's specially-prepared lunches and set in motion a strange day of magical transformation and silly songs. In the end, they find at least one food they can all agree on...

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