Matt Van  Brink, composer, pianist, accordionist

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Road Trip (2014)

violin quintet
or string quartet | 4 mins.
(student performers)

Commissioned by Concordia Conservatory
Sheet music available from Schnitzel Music

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In 2014, Concordia Conservatory (Bronxville, NY) commissioned Matt Van Brink to compose Road Trip for its student performers ages 8-15. The piece is constructed in a manner such that violinists of varying abilities could play together in an ensemble. Violin 1 is the hardest, Violins 2 & 3 are a bit easier, and Violins 4 & 5 are easiest of all. In addition, Violin 4 can be omitted entirely if ensembles would like to play the piece as a violin quartet. Road Trip is the perfect piece for violin ensembles, camps, and studio recitals, and it's a great opportunity for younger students to play alongside their older counterparts.

The arrangement for string quartet is perfect for an ensemble that is ready to play chamber music together, but not yet ready for more advanced repertoire.

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