Matt Van  Brink - composer, pianist, lyricist, educator

Among the Redwoods (2012)

Mixed chorus (SATB) a cappella | 5 mins
setting of a text by John Steinbeck
Available soon from Schnitzel Music

In this short text, author John Steinbeck, stands among the redwood groves of southern Oregon and northern California and meditates on the passage of time. Appropriately, the music's rhythmic pulse suggests ticking clocks, reminding us of the trees that Steinbeck thought of as "ambassadors from another time."

Can it be that we do not love to be reminded that we are very young and callow in a world that was old when we came into it? And could here be a strong resistance to the certainty that a living world will continue its stately way when we no longer inhabit it?

from TRAVELS WITH CHARLEY Copyright © 1962 by John Steinbeck. Copyright © renewed 1989, 1990 by Elaine Steinbeck, Thom Steinbeck and John Steinbeck IV

Commissioned by San Francisco Choral Artists