Matt Van  Brink - composer, pianist, lyricist, educator

Animal Estates (2008)

a musical for young audiences| 45 mins. (4M, 4W)
Book, music & lyrics by Matt Van Brink
Additional dialog by Jennifer S. Greene

‚ÄčA purple martin, a type of swallow, returns to New York after his yearly migration, and enlists the help of a rabbit realtor at Animal Estates Realty to find the perfect home. But the rabbit shows him the habitats of other animals ... and ones that are already occupied! It's fun to learn about the habitats of the the northern flying squirrel, eastern tiger salamander, big brown bat, eastern mud turtle, opossum, and beaver ... but enough already! This bird's got to make a nest!

Animal Estates teaches and entertains audiences of all ages with researched science and catchy tunes.