Matt Van  Brink - composer, pianist, lyricist, educator

Copycats (2014)

guitar quartet
or guitar ensemble
3 mins.
Score available from Schnitzel Music
Commissioned by Concordia Conservatory for its student performers

One of my favorite roles in my position at Concordia Conservatory is the responsibility of composing new works for student ensembles. Often these ensembles are made up of students of varying ages and abilities, and it has been gratifying to observe the more experienced students inspiring the younger ones, and the younger students bringing out the best in the older ones. Copycats was composed for such an ensemble of guitarists: Guitar 1 & Guitar 2 are intended for the more experienced players, and Guitar 3 & 4 can be played by younger students. In this arrangement, performers of different ages and abilities can learn, play and grow together -- like a family. And like many families, the music is a combination of imitation, independence, and solidarity.

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