Matt Van  Brink - composer, pianist, lyricist, educator

Kiss the Stars Goodnight (2010)

song cycle for voice(s) and chamber ensemble | 35 mins.
(young audiences)

Commissioned by Concordia Conservatory with support from the ASCAP Foundation
Settings of poems by Mary Britton Miller, Deborah Chandra, Karla Kuskin, Carl Sandburg, Charlie Sohne and Douglas Evans.
First performed by students of Concordia Conservatory
7 May 2010, Sommer Center, Bronxville, NY

I. Very Early (Karla Kuskin)
II. Tomorrow (Charlie Sohne)

III. She Looks to the West (Charlie Sohne)
IV. The Noise Expert (Douglas Evans)
V. A Dance (Karla Kuskin)
VI. The Tree and Me (Karla Kuskin)

VII. The Encounter (Lilian Moore)
VIII. Interlude
IX. Where are You Now? (Mary Britton Miller)
X. Cricket (Deborah Chandra)
XI. Summer Stars (Carl Sandburg)
XII. A Dance (reprise) (Karla Kuskin)

"The Noise Expert"

"The Tree and Me"


"A Dance"