Matt Van  Brink - composer, pianist, lyricist, educator

Musical theater songs

Touched (abandoned)
book & lyrics by Charlie Sohne, music by Matt Van Brink
Songs: Wasn't that Something | It Must be Nice | Shine | Nothing Like it Seems | They Kiss

Animal Estates
book, music & lyrics by Matt Van Brink
additional dialog by Jennifer S. Greene
Songs: Animal Estates | Purple Martin's Majesty | Big Brown Bat | Beaver Dam | Falling with Grace | Awesome Opossum | Eastern Tiger Salamander Adventure | We're Eastern Mud Turtles | Carrot Farm

Helplessly Lost
music & lyrics by Matt Van Brink
book by Matt Van Brink & Claire Simard
published by Schnitzel Music
Songs: Hello Song| Helplessly Lost | Pirates of the Sea | Coconut Kickball | Nuts to That| Follow the Leader | Lasagna Night | Goodbye Song

Flip the Switch (in progress)
book & lyrics by Kellen Blair
music & lyrics Matt Van Brink
Songs: Let's Show Mom! | Assembling Your Robot | Thanks, Robot!

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