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July 4, 2017

Commercial recordings

Matei Varga: Swan Lake Fantasy (2015, Schnitzel Music)
Swan Lake Fantasy: Suite on Themes from Tchaikovsky's Op. 20
Matt Van Brink & Claire Simard: Helplessly Lost (2014, Schnitzel Music)
Polkastra: I Do (2013, Ancalagon)
Arrangements of Clarke, Pachelbel, Wagner, Mendelssohn, and Bach
Sybarite 5: Disturb the Silence (2013, Sybarite5)
Arrangement of Turceasca
Noah Getz: Still Life (2011, Albany)
Sonata for Saxophone & Piano
Paul Dunkel Live in Recital (2010, MSR)
Dal Dosai: Sonata for Flute & Piano
Polkastra: Apolkalypse Now (2009, Ancalagon)
Arrangements of Smetana, Beethoven, Strauss, and Prouché
Thomas Robertello: Gypsy Wheel (2004. Crystal)
Dal Dosai: Sonata for Flute & Piano
Cantoria de Merced: 9no Simposio Mundial de Musica Coral (2012, Pulso70)
White, Those That Stayed Still

July 3, 2017

Works published by Schnitzel Music

Around the House Piano six-hands (student performers)
Copycats Guitar Quartet
Follow the Leader Treble Chorus (3-Part) & Piano (young performers)
The Heart Grows Fonder Violin & Viola
Hashkivenu Mixed Chorus (SATB) a cappella
Heirlooms Guitar Solo
Hello & Goodbye Song Treble Chorus (Unison) & Piano (young performers)
Helplessly Lost Musical (young performers)
Honeycombs Treble Chorus (SAA) & Piano
Ich Habe Genug Bach arrangement for Cello & Piano or Viola & Piano
Mischief Flute, Clarinet & Piano (student performers)
More Dappled Than Color Treble Chorus (SSA) & Piano
Road Trip Violin ensemble or string quartet or string ensemble (student performers)
Sarabande Guitar Quartet
Swan Lake Fantasy Piano Suite on Tchaikovsky's Op. 20
They Disappear Mixed Chorus (SATB) & Violin
Thick and Thin Piano four-hands (student performers)
White Those That Stayed Still Mixed Chorus (SATBB) a cappella

July 2, 2017

Works published by Tenuto Publications

Shabu Shabu Two flutes / or Flute & Clarinet in Bb
Dal Dosai: Sonata for Flute & Piano
Sonata for Saxophone & Piano

Works published by Transcontinental Music Publications

V'sham'ru Voice & Piano

Works published by Schott Music

Le Tombeau de Couperin Arrangement for Violin, Cello & Piano / or Violin & Piano

Works published by Hayo Music

Be Music, Night Mixed Chorus (SATB) a cappella
The Lower Leaves of Trees Mixed Chorus (SATB) a cappella
Flopitopitot Strings & Percussion (student performers)

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