Matt Van  Brink - composer, pianist, lyricist, educator

Swan Lake Fantasy (Tchaikovsky) (2014)

Suite for Piano on Themes from Tchaikovsky's Op.20 | 23 mins.
Available from Schnitzel Music

Commissioned by and first performed by Matei Varga

Making a transcription for piano of Tchaikovsky's iconic Swan Lake consisted of breaking it apart, inspecting the pieces, and from them, creating something new. Since the full ballet is over two hours long, the process of creating a Swan Lake Fantasy full of impressive pianistic display was one of cutting down, building up, and reshaping. And by presenting the themes and dances in a different, surprising order, an entirely new story emerges.
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Pianist Matei Varga and composer/arranger Matt Van Brink discuss the creative and collaborative process in a conversation with Tarik O'Regan:

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