Matt Van  Brink - composer, pianist, lyricist, educator

The Heart Grows Fonder (2015)

violin & viola | 13 mins.
Available from Schnitzel Music
Commissioned by Concordia Conservatory

Commissioned by Concordia Conservatory for violin-viola duo Elizbaeth Lim-Dutton & Larry Dutton for the Hoch Chamber Music Series

The four movements of THE HEART GROWS FONDER represent four love letters to a few of the composer's favorite places -- a set of touristic postcards, sent the wrong way, from home to away, of memories which grow fonder with age. Like the pared-down instrumentation itself, memories can become distilled with time. So how does an experience live up to its memory?


First performed by Liz Lim-Dutton and Larry Dutton
21 March 2015, Hoch Chamber Music Series, Bronxville, NY

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