Matt Van  Brink - composer, pianist, lyricist, educator

February 8, 2013 9:15 PM

Speaking at Nerd Nite NYC: "Tricked into Learning"

I'll be giving a talk at Nerd Nite NYC on February 8, 2013 about some some classic (old!) and new (mine!) learning songs.
Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn NY

Music is powerful! And not just that weepy flute solo from Titanic. Memorized music and lyrics seem to get a privileged place in our memories. So for young people, there is a lifelong educational resource not just in listening to songs which teach, but in learning, singing and performing them. And for old people… well, perhaps it will still work for us, too. So what can we learn about learning from learning about learning teaching songs? Let’s sing and find out.

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