Matt Van  Brink - composer, pianist, lyricist, educator
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April 16, 2015

Choral music for young performers

Hello & Goodbye Song Treble Chorus (Unison) & Piano
Follow the Leader Treble Chorus (3-part) & Piano

February 3, 2014

Chamber music for young performers

Mischief flute, clarinet & piano
Chimes saxophone quartet
Photo Album saxophone quartet
Janus alto saxophone & piano
Chase violin, cello & piano
Empty Nest cello & piano
Copycats guitar quartet
Roller Skates 4-hands piano
Thick and Thin 4-hands piano
Around the House 6-hands piano
Temper Tantrum violin, cello & piano
Flopitopitot strings & percussion
Road Trip string quartet / or violin ensemble
Toy Soldiers two violins & piano

July 31, 2010

Musicals for young audiences and young performers

Helplessly Lost (2013)
Animal Estates (2008)